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Girl's Rooms
Murals can be designed and painted for any size. The mini mural below was painted on a fauxed wall which resembles pink cotton candy.

Surfer Girl Room

Boy's Rooms
The Spiderman city scene below is painted on a 8 foot by 10 foot wall. The Spiderman figure is four feet tall. The curtains on the rod add dimension and the illusion of looking out a window just before Spiderman jumps in to save the day!

The Green Bay Packers "G" heads a queen size bed in a room with 10 foot ceilings. (Quarterback Brett Favre is a life size cardboard cut-out)

The life sized children playing sports below are images from the bedding.

New York Yankees room

Gender Neutral Rooms
The castle scene below wraps around a corner and is the focus of this kid's room featuring Harry Potter. This section of the room gives the illusion of walking down a castle corridor and looking out at the castle across the forest.

Pirate theme children's game room

The Finding Nemo scene below was painted in a dentist's office play area for the child patents.

The bathroom below is completely painted as an under water ocean scene.

Jungle Rooms

The bathroom below is completely painted as a jungle.

The full room mural below is painted in a children's day care center.

Noah's Arch day care.

The space mural below covers a 10x15 foot wall. The beds in this image are twins, covered with space bedding from which the wall was inspired.