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-Landscape Scenes-

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The teenager's room below has a New York/Broadway theme. The dusk New York skyline is painted on the vaulted ceiling which is 3x11 feet. The original picture was a 3x3 inch black and white picture from a New York advertisement. I incorporated the red wall color in the sky to pull the room together. I also painted Broadway show titles around the room from actual playbills this family gathered on their trips to New York.

Scene ideas can be gathered from many sources. The Vineyard dinning room below is a compilation of a family's travels around the world. The gazebo is from a picture they took in Hawaii and the grapes on the arbor match the wallpaper boarder in the kitchen, seen through the open doorway.

The client who commissioned me to paint the mural below enjoys sitting at her dinning room table, sipping wine and looking out over her own Tuscan vineyard. This mural also incorporates brick and breakaway plaster techniques to complete the authentic Tuscan look. The railing enhancement is a physical addition to create more depth.

Any room, any size can be transformed into your own personal comfort zone. The "wine cellar" below was created in a 3 foot wide, 8 foot deep extra pantry situated under a staircase.

The archway is painted on a flat wall with a raised texture stone technique which is less than an inch thick. The depth and shading makes the arch appear to be an entry into a long garden pathway.

In this image you see a water fountain and the wine chillers around the corner. The image below is created with a plaster technique then painted to simulate real stone. This is a great technique for any wall as it does not add extra weight, is less than half an inch thick, and is much cheaper than real stone or brick.

Cabana Scenes
The cabana ocean scene below makes this client's half-bath a quaint getaway.

I incorporated the cabana theme through the house by painting the door to the "under the stairs" bar and the bar.

Canada Scene
This client spent many years working in Canada before they moved to Texas. They wanted some views from "home" in their new guest room.

Cabana Scene
Cabana Scene Cabana Scene Cabana Scene Cabana Scene Cabana Scene
(Note: These pictures were taken with my old camera and appear foggy.)
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